Piranha 3D

Another movie I had very low expectations for but it’s now safe to say that Piranha 3D is the best 3D horror movie I have ever seen. Sure it doesn’t have much competition with The Final Destination and My Bloody Valentine which both sucked in my opinion due to poor writing, bad acting, and far fetched storylines.

Sure Piranha 3D has a far fetched storyline but they make it work. I was able to sit back, suspend my disbelief and enjoy the ride that the film took me on. The writing and direction were great and it really was beautifully shot.

The cast was perfect. Elizabeth Shue still has it and is as hot as ever. Steven R McQueen shows promise that he may graduate from the CW. (Although I do love The Vampire Diaries.) Adam Scott delivered as the guy that helps Shue save the day. Jerry O’Connell and Eli Roth play great douches. Ving Rhames only has a small role as a Deputy but has great chemistry with Shue. And there were great cameos by Richard Dreyfuss and Christopher Lloyd.

The deaths in the film were great and done with style and gore. I figured by the end of the film it was going to start to drag, I mean how many times can you watch someone get eaten by a fish? But the suspense was there, there were several places where I jumped and the deaths stayed fresh and creative and weren’t all caused by simply being fish food.


2 responses to “Piranha 3D

  1. Eli Roth played a great douche because he IS a douche! Just had to comment on that. 😉

    And yes, this IS my first comment on your blog. Hahaha

  2. He is a douche because he’s from Newton. Riiiiiiiight? 😉

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