The Gods Are Against My Blog

I didn’t give up already. The Gods are just against my blog, I guess. Basically my computer had a breakdown for like the 300th time in less than 3 years. I blame Bill Gates and Windows Vista. Seriously, I’ve had to reinstall Vista 4 times in less than 3 years. You would think that a man with all that money would feel some sort of compassion for all the working class families, starving artists, students and anyone else that spent their hard earned money or used their credit to buy computers with his crashing software. I think that anyone who bought a computer with Vista should have been given a complimentary upgrade to Windows 7, but instead I had to spend more money that I didn’t have on an upgrade pack (plus a new hard drive so I wouldn’t wipe my files). I honesty should have just spent the $80 more and bought a complete Windows 7 kit because it took me a whole day just to get the upgrade to work because I had to install Vista again and it was surprisingly being a bitch and not taking the upgrade pack which I needed to install before it would even let me install the Windows 7 upgrade. Anywho, I’m back and plan to update as often as I can unless Bill Gates reads this and decides to have his goons spew more herpes into my computer or crash my site. Ok, back to reinstalling all my music and video files. Kill me now, please!


One response to “The Gods Are Against My Blog

  1. Class Action lawsuit for Microsoft for pain and suffering inflicted by them and Vista to everyone who purchased a god-forsaken machine with it already installed…it’s like purchasing a PC with a virus!

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