The Town

On first viewing the film is an edge of your seat heist movie that was very enjoyable. What separates this from your standard heist movie is that Ben Affleck’s character falls for the assistant bank manager of the bank that they rob at the opening of the film. The heist scenes/action scenes are great. I liked that there was more than one robbery and then the potential “big last one” at the climax of the film. The characters are realistic, developed and the actors playing them do so brilliantly. The more I think about the film though (and it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it) the more problems I see with it. There were a couple times in the theater were I was pulled out and thought they couldn’t have gotten away with that. And then the more I think about the characters and the choices that they made throughout the film the more I think that they would have been caught earlier. That’s just the screenwriter in me overanalyzing it though. I would recommend the film and do want to see it again.


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