Saw 3D

I’ve never really been a big fan of this series. This is actually the first one that I paid to see in the theater. The deaths and traps are always cool as well as some of the plot twists but the characters have always come off as stale to me. Sure some of them have really cool backstories but I don’t always feel like their actions match their characters and usually don’t care about them at all. The only time I felt emotionally invested in a character was while watching the second film in the series. This film is no different. Again the deaths were gory and awesome but I didn’t find myself sitting on the edge of my seat in suspense wondering if the characters were going to make it. Instead I waited to see how gruesome their deaths were going to be because I already knew they wouldn’t survive. Also the 3D didn’t add much to the film which wouldn’t be expected if the film was converted to 3D but this movie was shot in the 3D format and was planned to be that way from the get go. And as for this being “the final chapter,” they completely leave plenty of options open to keep the franchise alive. If you’re a fan of the series you’ll probably enjoy it but I thought it was just ok.


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