Love & Other Drugs

The main problem is that this film is marketed as a Rom-Com, starts off like a coming of age story for Gyllenhaal’s womanizing character, turns into a softcore porn, becomes a “sick person” movie, and then tacks on a voiceover ending to complete Gyllenhaal’s transition from lost boy to man. The pacing and the focus are all off. We don’t even meet Hathaway’s character until about 30 minutes into the movie and then towards the end we stay with her and watch her struggle. There are also several other throw away scenes and characters that don’t do anything to move the story forward. If the writers and director had put a little more thought into the story they wanted to tell this movie could have been a lot better than just ok.


One response to “Love & Other Drugs

  1. I kinda wanted to see this before Monica told me what it was actually about…because I love Gyllenhaal and Hathaway…but I don’t tend to like “sick movies”, as you so eloquently refer to them haha I see enough of that shit in my every day job/life…I don’t need to spend upwards of $10 and my time to see more…

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