The Rite

Wasn’t planning on seeing this in the theater but decided to join some friends who were going. It was just as I expected, nothing spectacular. Anthony Hopkins was great as he usually is and we were complaining about the actor that plays the student but turns out he’s from Ireland so apparently a better actor than we thought. The story wasn’t very different from all the other exorcism movies out there and definitely wasn’t as scary. The transition of the student to a believer wasn’t believable. I think as soon as the possessed girl started talking about stuff from his childhood that only he would have known he would have come to the conclusion that she was indeed possessed  and not psychotic. I think it would have worked better if the part with the little boy came first and then the part with the pregnant girl but I guess that would have complicated another major plot point. The tone also felt off because there were some funny lines, then some that were meant to be funny but were more cheesy funny which were contrasted by all the dark demonic stuff. I think the story of an exorcist student was a great idea but it was executed wrong. I guess the makers could argue that it was based on a true story but when has that stopped Hollywood from embellishing.


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