Valentine’s Day Is Not Armageddon

It’s February 14, that day when a good chunk of people are reminded that they’re single and many of them become depressed. I’m proud to say that I’ve never been one of those people even though I have never had a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Sure I’m reminded that I’m single today but I would rather be single than with the wrong woman.

I’ve had a limited number of actual girlfriends over the years. It’s not because I haven’t had the opportunities, it’s because I’m picky and I know as soon as a relationship isn’t going to work. I’m not the type of guy that can string a woman along knowing that the relationship isn’t going anywhere. What’s the point? When I know it’s over I end it or don’t even bother to start it.

There are just so many people that should not be in the relationships that they’re in. What’s the point if neither of you are happy or can’t be yourself? I shouldn’t have to change to be with you and you shouldn’t have to change to be with me. And being scared to be alone is not a good enough reason to be with someone.

Right now and for the past several years I haven’t been actively looking for a relationship. I still consider myself fairly young, my career hasn’t taken off yet and I’m nowhere near financially stable. That’s not to say that I’m not trying to get my shit together so that when I finally meet the perfect woman nothing will be holding me back.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the end of the world if you’re single. It will be here the same time next year and if we’re single then, so be it, it will be here again a decade from now.

Sure I worry that I might be too picky and will end up alone. One of my biggest fears is choking on some fatkid food and having someone find me like a week or month later all smelly, fowl, maggitty, and half eaten by my dog. But honestly, I’d rather have my corpse eaten by my dog than be stuck in a loveless suffocating relationship that I got into for the wrong reasons. And until I find that perfect woman I’m going to enjoy my freedom and be happy that I’m smart enough and respect myself enough to not have settled for less than I deserve.


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