The Wrong Robb Part2

Sent: Wed, Feb 16, 2011 7:45 am

I understand you received an RFQ from Tracy David concerning a Siemens Control Engineer. I have recently replaced Tracy as the buyer for specialized contract services. Can you give me an update on this RFQ and if you are able to quote it? Thanks.

Darren W.
International Procurement Services
Detroit Mi

If you are not the intended addressee, please inform us immediately that you have received this e-mail in error, and delete it. We thank you for your cooperation.


I have no idea what a RFQ is. I can only assume it means Retarded Fucking Question? And I’m completely in control of engineering my Siemens. Sorry you had to replace Tracy. Was it because she was sleeping with someone in the office? Heard she was a skank. Again I don’t know what the Retarded Fucking Question was.

Incase you have figured it out you have the wrong Robb. Sorry I enjoy fucking with people who waste my time. You have now become a part of my blog. If you want to check it out it’s And I’m being comepletely serious. Totally not porn or a virus or anything. I swear. To prove it you can view my facebook page just search Fucked Up & Amazing. And please click like and forward it to all your friends.

Again I’m not the attended addressee, so please remove me from your address book. Unless you like the blog and or know a publisher or anyone who might be famous and want to make one of the many screenplays I have written.

Hope you have a nice life filled with laughter and love,



 P.S. I also sell merch for my blog at



6 responses to “The Wrong Robb Part2

  1. Wow, you’re a prick! xo

  2. OMG not a prick … RFQ ::cracking up in the recliner at that one:: Robb, really enjoying your blog. I too have some woman who gives out my email as her own. Initially I was nice in my replies to the unintended idiots, but then I just said screw it and laugh when I know they make arrangements to meet up with the Wrong Marcia knowing full well she won’t be showing up.

    Hope you’re doing well – I’m off to finish up reading your blog so I’m current and up to date

    PS, it’s Marcia

    • Marcia, glad you’re enjoying it. You should start giving out her email if you know it, especially if she is purposely giving out yours. Or make her profiles on dating sites. Hope you’re doing well as well!

  3. lol I think she just thinks her addy is mine we are both Marcia’s but I’m guessing hers has a number or incorporates her last name or something …

    I’m mostly okay; freaking out because my son is over in Peru with no return date … the trip was something he wanted to do last June when he graduated HS (yes I have an almost 20 yr old son how FREAKY is that) It’s SO hard to just let go – I don’t know how our parents did it – seriously . Home life is going ok. Dealing with a psychotic puppy and surprised hubby yesterday by purchasing tickets to this Sunday’s NASCAR event.

    Hope you’re doing well too and happy to see you’re run in with the DUI check-point fools went well.

    • Oh that’s crazy that he doesn’t have a return date. I saw on your facebook that he was going there. My mom still asks me when I’m moving back home everytime I go home to visit. I also have a psychotic dog but he’s not a puppy so I’ve lost hope that he will grow out of it. And we all will be at the race on Sunday for Webb Family Funtime. I’ll facebook you.

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