True Blood Panel At Paley Fest

The True Blood panel tonight was great but a little more secretive than The Walking Dead was. Here’s what they did give away.

Eric is going to lose his memory because of the witches like what happens in book 4.

It was said that Arlene still has the baby growing inside her.

Alan Ball does believe that Sookie and Bill are soul mates but it’s going to be awhile before she can get over what happened.

Jessica and Hoyt do get back together as shown in the new scene that they previewed. (Should be up on our Facebook page)

As if last season didn’t seem crowded enough Ball said there would be a lot of new characters some supernatural, including a werewolf, and some human.

They talked around will Sookie and Eric get together like in the book until Alexsander finally mouthed “We Do.”

Russell is not dead and will hopefully be back.

I managed to record pretty much most of the event so I’ll let you watch for yourselves. One of the highlights was listening to the cast tell stories of what fans have asked them to do.

Videos should be uploaded to the Fucked Up & Amazing Facebook fan page.


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