Oh Lala? Oh Lala? Oh Lala?!

Sometime last year while I was home my sister, brother-in-law, a good friend, and I took a day to watch the entire Back to the Future trilogy including the ride.

I have always loved this series and my sister had never seen the 3rd one so we planned to do this marathon for awhile. What we didn’t plan was never being able to look at the 2nd film the same ever again.

If you’re not familiar with the 2nd movie, what’s wrong with you? In a gist Marty buys a copy of Grays Sports Almanac in the future to bring back to the past. The Doc finds out and throws the almanac away but Old Biff takes it out of the trash, steals the Delorean, and goes back in time to give the almanac to his younger self. This causes Marty and the Doc to go back to the past to try and get it back so they can go back to a normal future. Make sense?

On his quest Marty watches as Principal Strickland confronts Biff and takes the almanac from him or so you think. Marty follows Strickland to his office where Strickland indulges in some booze and seems quite jumpy that someone may be watching him. He looks out the windows and is startled when the door to his office slams shut. In the end of the scene he throws the almanac away and Marty discovers that it’s a Pin Up mag titled Oh Lala.

If you watch the previous scene again you see that Strickland clearly opens the magazine and sees what it really is. My theory is that he not only retires to his office for a drink but to make sure his own personal flux capacitor is still fluxing, if you know what I mean.

During this time Marty is under the desk and would have totally gotten jizzed on had things originally gone as Strickland had planned.

Hence, the group of us have coined the sexual position The Strickland. If you have ever been jizzed on while under a desk, you’ve been Strickland.

After re-watching the scene and a few leading up to it again today as research for this post I also believe that giving Biff the Strickland would have been Strickland’s ideal punishment for Biff. Why else was he so eager to have him right where he wanted him, in detention?


One response to “Oh Lala? Oh Lala? Oh Lala?!

  1. Another tip to keep in mind before performing “The Strickland.” It’s fun to shop for the perfect desk with your partner. This makes the act all the more special.

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