Scream 4

I was way too excited going into this one and was really hoping that they would do the franchise justice after Scream 3 but in all honesty I think I liked it less. The opening was way too fast and rushed. More gore and deaths doesn’t make a sequel any better if they’re not done right. What pulled us into that original Scream was the opening sequence. It wasn’t rushed. It was long and suspenseful and introduced us to the menacing and taunting Ghostface. In Scream 4 Ghostface is more like a guy that just wants to shoot his load. The killer jumps right to the “I’m gonna gut you like a fish” talk and there is no build up or foreplay. I would not want to live in Woodsboro because the whole police department is incompetent in this film including Dewey. Sidney does seem a lot stronger than she was in Scream 3 up until the final act of the film. It was great seeing Gale back to her original bitchy self though. The majority of the new characters are just there to be killed off and don’t really have much character development which is funny since one of the characters points out that that’s the problem with the Saw movies. I was excited that I managed to avoid any spoilers of who the killer or killers were but disappointed when it was revealed because I personally saw it coming. There also wasn’t really any cleverness or originality to any of the deaths. I get it, Ghostface likes to stab people, but couldn’t it be done a little more creatively? And am I the only one who was tired of the whole movie within a movie after the 2nd film?


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