I Could Never Get Away With Murder

I’m notorious for getting caught when I go something wrong. And once I do get caught I’m a horrible liar which is probably why I hate people who lie.

The most recent case of this of course happened at my job. If you don’t know that my day job is being a slave for a major hotel chain then you are obviously new to this blog or don’t read my tweets ’cause I spend the majority of my time venting so I don’t go postal.

Any who, so some people I work with are morons and can’t do two things at once and forget that their main priority at work is to actually work and take care of our hotel guests instead of texting and facebooking.

You’re probably thinking, Robb, you tweet and facebook at work all the time. Yes, but when my work phone rings I answer it right away and am also completely capable of multitasking.

So the Boss Lady sent out a memo saying that this is the last warning and anyone caught playing on the internet or on their cell phones would face discipline.

Can you guess who was the first one to get caught?

My Future Mug Shot

My work phone wasn’t ringing and I didn’t know that the Boss Lady was coming in so I checked my game of Words With Friends on my cell. I look up and the Boss Lady is standing in the doorway giving me the I’m watching you gesture.

I tried to play it off like I wasn’t doing anything wrong but she informed me that she could see me holding my cell through the hole in my desk. BUSTED!

Photo Model: The Beautiful Inside & Out Maya Maya


5 responses to “I Could Never Get Away With Murder

  1. I think you can fight this ticket. Say you were checking the time since when you are logged into MBS it doesn’t show the time.

  2. SO. LAME. We got a similar email at work about a week ago…which I ignored! I equate my usage to a cigarette break…like you, I need it to stay sane…and I never shirk my work responsibilities for it…if they ever take it away from me, I will start to take cigarette breaks instead (and check my phone outside instead of in the office)! Several times a day like some other people in the building. So what’s the “discipline” going to be? They’re friggin stupid if they start to discipline their best workers.

    p.s. Why does the bottom pic say “Photo Model: The Beautiful Inside & Out Maya Maya”?

  3. I see…but she’s not actually in the pic, unfortunately. I do often wish that there were more genuinely nice souls in this world like Maya.

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