10 Reasons I Love My Dad

He always worked hard to provide for our family.

He loves telling stories and will talk to any one.

He made sure we went on at least one vacation a year. This often included taking us out of school for an extra week so we could go to Speed Week in Daytona

He used to take us on “Sunday Drives” which often ended with us stopping at an arcade.

He gets very competitive behind the wheel of a go-kart. One time we crashed them so bad we had to get out and walk off the track and another not so fun time he was taken out on an ambulance.

He blames his farts on the dog.

He once  laughed so hard at a Jeff Foxworthy tape that he cried.

He once brought home a BB gun and set up a target for us to shoot at in the hallway.

He does a great turkey impression that he may or may not break out on Thanksgiving.

I’ve learned a good chunk of the profanity I know from him.


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