I Could Never Get Away With Murder (Part 2)

I was for the most part a good kid. Most of the trouble I got into was with my sisters and I was usually just tagging along.

In school I always went to all my classes and wasn’t aloud to stay home sick unless I was practically on my death bed. I even went to all of my study halls freshman year of high school. I did go off campus for lunch freshman year even though freshmen didn’t have off campus privileges because my sister was a sophomore and had friends with cars so it was pretty impossible to get caught.

Anyway, my sophomore year I had a nutrition and food class (basically a cooking class) with one of my good friends. It was the year I believe they introduced longer classes once a week that were either 75 minutes or 90 minutes. I can’t remember. All I know is that those longer periods felt like torture.

It was one of the last weeks of the year and we had this long ass class right after lunch so my friend asked me to skip class and just take a really long lunch. She and my other friend were older sophomores so they had already had licenses and cars.

It was a huge decision for me at the time because I had never done it before but I really didn’t want to go because I knew all we were going to be doing was cleaning the kitchens. It was basically a no brainer. If I was ever to skip a class this was the one to skip with little or no penalty.

Our teacher was a not particularly bright person. One of my other friends in the class used to leave out a side door and we would let her back in at the end of class and this teacher never noticed. My sister and I used to watch her park her car every morning because it was kind of hilarious. She used to get in and out of it at least three times and move it a few inches each time.

Anyway, so I decided to skip and my friend had to stop and use the payphone because someone probably paged her. (We were so cool back then and had pagers instead of cell phones.) I noticed that our teacher was walking up the middle set of the three sets of stairs that led down to the first level and outside.

I went into panic mode. We had already decided that we weren’t going and had mapped out some plan to do over our now super long lunch period. I signaled to my friend and she got off the phone and I ducked and started walking down the set of stairs that was closest and separated from the middle one by a brick divider.

My friend was less worried than me ‘cause she had actually skipped class before and was laughing at my ridiculousness and our teacher looked over the divider and saw me. She asked me why I was hiding from her and if I was planning on skipping her class.

All I could do was laugh in her face. I lost it. I had gotten caught skipping class before class even started. Only that could happen to me.

Our teacher wasn’t the greatest at disciplining us and I had probably actually gotten caught doing a lot worse stuff in her class and wasn’t punished and I already got caught and my friend still wasn’t planning on going so I skipped the class anyway.


6 responses to “I Could Never Get Away With Murder (Part 2)

  1. I never got you in trouble…lolz You are such a rebel skipping class…I should talk…I skipped like one class when I was a senior… Is this poor old Ms. J? I remember she was tragically hilarious…the kids took such advantage of her… I know exactly what stairs/pay phones you’re talking about (it’s where Amy J called the RMV and scheduled my driving test for me because I was too scared to do it myself!)…no more! So SAD! I feel like I lost a part of me when they tore down our school. At least the building where Mum and Dad went to high school is still standing, but ours is gone forever…I miss the smell alone…the smell of chlorine, sweaty wrestling mat, rotten lockers, science labs, white-out…altogether equalling the smell of heartache and misery…haha Those were the days, eh?

    • Hahaha. Totally Ms. J. She was so tragically hilarious! I took her classes ’cause I knew I could fuck off in them. And we must be related ’cause I was too scared to make my license appointment too. Sarah and Rebecca made it for me but not on that payphone.

  2. haha We’re definitely relate-lates. haha That’s too funny.

    IT just told us starting next week they’re blocking all email sites…which is about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Why have the internet at all then? I have to find some way to communicate electronically from work besides my phone…I need to be able to copy and paste stuff into somewhere…

  3. netvibes.com … we have foolish quota for social media at work 60 minutes for the day at 10 minute blocks and once you start the 10 minute block you can’t pause it … total BS. On Netvibes I can review FB status updates and view & update Twitter posts … worth a try

  4. Marcia, that is total BS but I guess it’s better than them telling you not to do it at all. Do they really monitor it? That’s crazy! Did they hire someone just to monitor everyone’s activity?

  5. it’s an application that allows access to social media/blogs etc … totally blocks access to any site with games etc … I mean I don’t smoke so I’m penalized because I’m a computer-holic. There are work-arounds … like Netvibes and recently I’ve found a weird bug in the guard-application that if I enter the url in to the browser after I’m blocked, sometimes it grants access … ::shrug:: sadly I know just enough about basic IT crap to get myself into trouble. I don’t know that there’s a person who monitors it, but it wouldn’t surprise me. The Firm’s gotten very Big Brother over the last 2-3 years

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