I enjoyed it but I was left wanting more. The plot is really interesting but there are a ton of characters so it was hard to really latch on and care about any of them. And if any of them got sick it was like, OK they’re fucked. Because of this there wasn’t a whole lot of suspense which is what I expect when the film is marketed as a thriller. It just felt a little unbalanced and messy. I wanted to follow some characters longer/shorter and there are a couple of scenes towards the end of the movie that feel cheesy and tacked on to give the film more of a happy ending.


3 responses to “Contagion

  1. Alex was telling me about this yesterday. Sounds like a horrible movie. :b

  2. I loved it. Many characters, yes. Some got the shaft (which was better than getting killed off), but it was so skillfully done and shot beautifully and I LOVE the cast, so I gave it a pass. The suspense for me was not tied to which character was going to die, but to the fact that this is really -not- science fiction. We’re a round trip flight away from something like this happening. Plus I’m a germ phobe…the movie did make me feel better because I already act the way they told people to act. So, I’ll see you suckers at the mass grave sites as I stroll by with my freshly purchased Lysol wipes! PS — I finally found your blog. 🙂 (@life_of_paul)

    • I just think it would have been better if they had told the story with less characters and let us connect emotionally to them more. I think some of the stories were interesting and they could have gone further but Matt Damon’s went on far too long and I stopped caring when I knew he was immune. And why was the janitor’s kid still going to school after they were quarentined? And our girlfriend was like you about the germs in the film but still ended up in a mass grave. And the fact that it could happen is what got me to the theater and was easily established in the commercials. And you found the blog before. At least I know you read the DUI post.

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