Snots in My Ear

A few years ago my left ear became blocked. I figured I had just gotten some water in it and it would eventually return to normal.

After a few weeks I started to think there may be something seriously wrong with me. Was my mother right? Did I go deaf from listening to my music too loud?

One of my coworkers at the time was close to convincing me to let her cone my ear. This is some hippie type remedy where you basically let someone light a small fire in your ear.

I absolutely hate going to the doctor but I figured that sounded a lot better than having someone light a fire in my ear so I called my doctor’s office.

I explained my symptoms over the phone to the nurse practitioner who said that my doctor was on vacation but I could come in and see her.

When I got to the hospital I went in and the nurse practitioner stuck the ear thingy in my ear and explained right away that I had (insert large doctor words here).

I gave her the crazy look. (Somewhere in the range of the following 3 photos.)


She asked if I had a cold recently and I told her yes. She said the fluid from my nasal cavity had drained into my ear. Translation: I had snots in my ear.

She told me to take some Sudafed and chew gum until the ear popped.
I asked her if I had to pay my co-pay and was shocked when she said yes. She totally could have told me that over the phone.

Now nearly every time I have a cold my ear becomes blocked. I’m convinced that the removal of my wisdom teeth has opened an extra lane on the highway between my nasal cavity and ear since this never happened before I got them removed.

All I know is that when this happens I need to suck it up, take Sudafed, and chew lots of gum because I don’t want to pay another $25 just to have a doctor tell me I have snots in my ear.


One response to “Snots in My Ear

  1. if you could figure out a way to blow your ear you could sell your ear snots to recoup the co-pay … Have a great Monday

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