If this hadn’t been a remake of a classic I might have liked it better. It was done well but so was the original. I would have liked it better if it was a sequel with characters that were archetypes of the originals but with a little bit more of a twist on the story. I am kind of crushing on Julianne Hough though and now have the urge to go country line dancing. I also think that Miles Teller is a really good actor. (If you haven’t checked out Rabbit Hole you totally should. Not as depressing as it looked/sounds.) If you’re a fan of the original you might like it or hate it but if you’ve never seen the original and like dance movies you’ll probably love it.


One response to “Footloose

  1. Just by seeing the previews I was thinking they are making it an almost word-for-word remake just ramping up the sex appeal of it all. I can’t wait to see it just because I crushed so hard on Kevin Bacon … each time I see the previous I start singing “Let’s Here It for the Boy” then my brain segues into “I Want a Hero” … I played that tape end to end to end to end until it wore out

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