Like Crazy

I didn’t really like this film. I read that the cut that played at Sundance was R-rated and they cut it down to a PG-13. I don’t know if the changes were that drastic and made the film lose something but I just couldn’t get into it. The main characters didn’t have a strong enough connection for me. Sure there was a clichéd little montage at the beginning showing us that they were in love but I didn’t buy it from the other scenes that surrounded that montage. Honestly I think the characters looked happier in the other relationships they had in the film. I wasn’t really sure what the filmmakers were going for. Going in I thought that it was supposed to be about the drama of trying to have a relationship with someone from another country and the issues (mainly visa ones) that occur but then it felt like the film was trying to do something more.  At the end  it felt like one of the characters was questioning what I was all along. Should these two people really be together? And I feel like that is something that they should have been questioning when the issues started and I didn’t have any strong evidence to answer yes.


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