Running Into Trouble

One day back in high school my last class of the day got canceled. It was a Thursday. I know this because what happened next was that one of my best friends (who was in the class) and I decided that we were going to pick up our paychecks and go blow them at the mall or something.

We both had our own cars so we agreed that we would follow each other to work and then either leave one of our cars there or drop one off at our houses. I can’t remember the exact plan.

So I’m following her down Comm Ave, which is pretty much the most direct route from our school to the grocery store that we both work at. All of a sudden I see something run out into the street.

It’s a dog. A grey and white husky looking dog. It runs right out in front of my friend’s car and she slams on her brakes. It’s all happening in slow motion and I think the dogs going to get out of the way.

But the dumb dog stops and looks up at my friend’s car. Like a deer in headlights. And she hits it.

The dog doesn’t go under the tires and my friend had slowed down her car enough that she didn’t hit it that hard. She really just punted the dog with her bumper.

The dog runs to the side of the road, lies down, and howls bloody dog murder. My friend pulls over and I pull over behind her.

My friend gets out of her car a complete mess. She may even be crying harder than the dog when some crazy woman with an accent comes running over and begins screaming at her.

“What did you do? Didn’t you see her?” I want to punch this woman in the face. But instead I explain to her that it was an accident and that we need to get the dog some help.

The man who was behind us also stopped and he comes over and uses his suit jacket to place over the dog’s backside. The dog isn’t bleeding but her leg or hip is hurt pretty badly. The man also has a phone and calls 911. (This is back before I had a cell phone and was rocking a pager.)

The woman is going a little crazy. She goes over to the dog and like tries to pick her up causing the dog to snap at her. “Oh Trouble, I’m just trying to help you. Oh, Trouble, Trouble!”

The dog’s fucking name is Trouble!

We find out from the crazy woman that the dog isn’t even her’s, it’s her son’s, who’s on vacation. She was supposed to be watching her and some how Trouble got out of her fenced in yard.

Animal patrol finally arrives. It’s just one woman. And the crazy woman again starts pointing the finger at my friend blaming her for the whole thing. The officer asks her why the dog wasn’t on a lease and this shuts her up real fast.

I can’t remember how we did it but the man who stopped and myself help the officer get the dog into the van. The officer takes down my friend’s information and says that they’ll call her and let her know how the dog is. The crazy woman gets in the van with her and they drive away.

The man assures my friend that it wasn’t her fault and I thank him before he gets in his car and drives off. I think we may have used his jacket to help lift the dog in the van and notice that he leaves without it.

I give my friend a hug and tell her everything will be alright. She says that she isn’t ready to drive yet so we go over to my car and sit on the hood. I crack stupid jokes and eventually get her laughing. At one point I even break the hood ornament off my car.

We don’t get our paychecks and I end up following her home to make sure she gets there alright. No one ever contacts her to let her know how Trouble made out.


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