The Woman in Black

I went into this one worried that the scares weren’t going to deliver but I was completely wrong. I liked the opening but then it took a big break before we got to the next scare but it was a good one. My friend I was with jumped so bad I had to hold in my laughter. And then there were a few more times where she screamed out loud and even one where I let a Jesus Christ slip. I loved the visuals of where the house was. That road that gets covered over when the tide comes in was both beautiful and eerie. And the toys that were used in the film were so creepy that I’m glad I grew with the toys I had. There was also one scene where I couldn’t help but say to my friend, “Use your wand, Harry!” Radcliffe did do a great job but it is really hard to separate him from his role of Harry Potter, especially when he isn’t changing up his accent like he did on SNL. I also really enjoyed how it ended and it wasn’t how I expected.


One response to “The Woman in Black

  1. Glad to see your take on it. LOL Use your wand Harry … at no point did you need to remind him of Alohomora at any time to unlock any doors? Seriously I’m glad to see there were true scares in it. Can’t wait.

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