What Happens In Vegas Will End Up On My Blog

I love Vegas! So whenever a friend or family member tells me that they’re going and I have the funds, I will meet them out there.

My sister had found a cheap flight, I found a hotel with my discounted rate and we agreed to meet.

Vegas is only about a 4 hour drive from Los Angeles so I always drive out because by the time you go through security and all that fun stuff it amounts to about the same amount of time.

My sister landed in Vegas around when I left my house. She checked into our hotel and decided that she was going to go out and get some food and a drink.

A few hours later she called to check in with me and she sounded completely wasted. She was at Tobey Keith’s I Love This Bar and drinking some concoction out of a mason jar. She acknowledged her intoxication and said she was going to take the monorail back to our hotel. I told her to call me and let me know she made it back safe.

About 30 minutes go by and I don’t hear from her. I call her and she tells me that she’s on the monorail heading north. I inform her that our hotel is at the south end of the strip. She tells me that she’s going to figure it out and assures me that she will call me as soon as she gets back to our room. She sounds hammered but she swears she only had the one drink.

About another 30 minutes goes by and no phone call. I call her and she doesn’t answer. I get worried and blow up her phone but never get an answer. Now I’m really worried that she is lost and drunkenly roaming around Vegas by herself, she could have been drugged because she sounded wasted, and  I wouldn’t be surprised if she lost or dropped her phone in a toilet. It wouldn’t be the 1st but possible the 4th time this has happened.

When I finally get to the hotel I stop by the desk and get a room key and pray that my sister will be there. When I get in the room I see that she did find her way back and is sleeping with her phone on the pillow right next to her fucking head. That must have been one strong drink!

I want to wake her up and yell at her but decide to let her sleep it off so that she’ll be ready to tear up the town with me for the next few days.

To be continued.


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