This Means War

Some parts of this film were entertaining and fun but overall it wasn’t good.  I think the main problem was that the filmmakers set up one guy as the protagonist, or at least I thought he was, and then they decided to switch to the other one. The guy Reese’s character picks is completely wrong for her and I don’t believe that she would fall for him because he comes off as a player who annoys her for a good chunk of the movie and has to do more scheming to try and impress her than the other. They do sugarcoat the ending and have the other guy end up with a different love interest but it borders on ridiculousness and didn’t sit well with me. When going into a movie that is marketed as a Rom-Com I expect that the main characters will end up together or at least have a pretty good reason not to, but in this film there was just no payoff.


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