The Hunger Games

I liked it but I had psyched myself up over the past few weeks awaiting the release expecting greatness which it wasn’t. I’m obviously a fan of the book and the movie felt like a Cliff Note version. It felt sparse and none of the relationships come off as strong as they do in the book especially between Katniss and Peeta. With the movie we loose that 1st person point of view of Katniss and her voice is what made the book so powerful. The only time we’re inside her head is when she goes cloudy from nerves, to see the flashback of the boy with the bread, when she’s hallucinating, and when her hearing is impaired. And in these moments the sound dies down and goes completely quiet which didn’t accomplish much and felt like a weird directing choice. And then we’re shown more of President Snow and Seneca Crane and what actually goes on behind the scenes of the games which deviated from the book and we didn’t need. We needed to be with Katniss on her journey and discover things with her like we did when reading the book. The cast is amazing though. Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss! The movie is good but read the book, it’s so much better.


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