Pitch Perfect

I was torn about seeing this one. I love Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks, and think Rebel Wilson is hilarious as well as Adam Devine from Workaholics but the trailers didn’t make it look like anything spectacular. A friend saw a preview screening and said she would pay to see it again so I was sold. It was cute and fun but had some flaws. It also doesn’t help that there are so many singing reality shows and shows like Glee and Smashed that now when I hear covers they have to be really good to impress me and I think I’m all mash-uped out. There were some really funny parts, obviously with Rebel Wilson, and Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins were so funny as the commentators. I knew Brittany Snow looked familiar but didn’t realize it was her until I saw her name in the credits which is always a sign of strong acting. The other thing is that the love story aspect felt a little forced and I think could have been written stronger. Overall I thought it was just aca-alright.


One response to “Pitch Perfect

  1. I didn’t love this movie and cherish it like it seems so many others have been doing, but I still had a good time none the less. It’s actually one of the rare times where I actually found acapella to be cool. Good review.

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