Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

I first learned about this book after I found out they were turning it into a movie. I love zombies but was a little skeptical at first because of the whole “it’s Twilight with zombies” comments floating around the net but after hearing that Simon Pegg gave it a rave review and reading Isaac Marion’s hilarious bio on IMDB, “Isaac Marion was born in north-western Washington in 1981 and has lived in and around Seattle his whole life, working a variety of strange jobs like delivering deathbeds to hospice patients and supervising parental visits for foster-kids. His is not married, has no children, and did not go to college or win any prizes. Warm Bodies is his first novel.” (It has since been edited.) I decided that it may be worth my time. And it totally was. After getting over the initial shock that it is written in the 1st person and finding it hard to believe that our main character, R, is a zombie with these extensive thoughts, I accepted it and flew through the book. And it wasn’t long until I found myself rooting for R. It was a really quick and fun read and has an interesting new twist on the cause of the zombie apocalypse. My only complaint was that the end comes really fast and left me wanting more.


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