As of today, 8/20/10 I’m 28 years old and living in Los Angeles. I moved out here from Massachusetts a little over 5 years ago to try to make it as a screenwriter and am still trying despite my inability to type, spell, form complete sentences, use correct grammar, have a large vocabulary, sell my soul, suck cock, kiss ass, and many many more which I’m sure I’ll cover if I’m actually inspired, motivated, and consistent with this (blog?).

The reason I started this is because I took a nap earlier and can’t sleep. It really did seem like a great idea while I was lying in bed staring at the insides of my eyelids as my mind wondered about the many things I could write about but don’t have the time to ‘cause I’m poor and stuck working a day job at a hotel that must not be named. As of right now a blog just seemed like the best medium (could be because I recently saw Julie and Julia) since I don’t see how all these little rants that I will be writing on here fit together other than being a part of me. Who knows maybe it will eventually become a book or a movie but as of right now this is all I got.

The name Fucked Up & Amazing came from a night at one of my writer’s groups. I asked a fellow writer/friend if she has ever seen the movie Freeway (If you haven’t seen it buy or rent it. Reese Witherspoon “fucking shines” in it and after my first viewing of it many years ago I knew she was going places.) to which she replied, “No.” She asked me what it was about and I explained to her that it was a modern day version of Little Red Riding Hood and that she had to see it because she has a sick twisted sense of humor like myself and that the movie itself is “Fucked up and amazing” to which she replied that would be an great title for something. And my life is pretty Fucked Up & Amazing!


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